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Black Cars/Uber

My Driver in Paris

My Driver in Paris is a luxury service complete with drinks like sparkling water and orange juice as well as snacks such as croissants and cakes. The fleet includes new, non-smoking Class E Mercedes Benz vehicles which are very clean and include leather seats, double sunroofs, and tinted windows. Other amenities include iPads, chargers, hand towels, umbrellas, and magazines for guest use. The driver provides a comfortable atmosphere and clear information, such as historical facts and history about the city as requested. Customers will easily find pick-up points and be provided with arrival notices for each ride as well. 

Andy’s Notes :

Those in need of a guide or knowledgeable contact will find exceptional service with My Driver in Paris. The owner, Stéphane Nancy, is known for being patient and dedicated with a thorough mastery of English. Expect immaculate service from this taxi company. 

Paris Black Cars

Paris Black Cars offer three types of services. The first is a private car taxi service while the second are city tours in Giverny and Reims. Finally, the company also offers a car and chauffeur service by the day for professional and leisure travels. The fleet of cars is priced by luxury, which include Mercedes, BMW, and Viano, or economy models Citroën and Renault. Drivers for both types of cars are fluent in English and professional, though luxury car chauffeurs dress in coat and tie. Each car and service is priced by a flat rate for a single transfer, by the hour, or by the day. 
Andy’s Notes :

Paris Black Cars are available for transfers at any time of day, it is, however, best to call in advance to set and confirm a car for timely arrival.

Paris Platinum Service

Paris Platinum Service is known as one of the city’s top driver services thanks to its exceptional customer service. Customers can easily book transfers and will receive an email confirmation and reminder the day before the service with the name of the driver. Drivers are known to pull strings to improve guests’ experiences, such as reserving difficult restaurant reservations and more. The fleet include a wide range of luxury cars such as Mercedes Benz E-class, V-class, and S-class. Other Mercedes options include a sprinter and a Mayback S600. Other vehicles include Range Rover Vogue, Rolls-Royce Phantom, and Bentley automobiles. Each car can accommodate two people, seven people in V-class Mercedes, or 19 people in the sprinter van. 

Andy’s Notes :

Drivers are attentive and in tune with citywide events such as strikes. This means they will often arrive early for pick-up to ensure you arrive on time. The chauffeurs speak excellent English and go beyond their driving services to ensure customers are well-cared-for under extenuating circumstance, such as being locked out of a rental apartment or moving through the city during protests. 

Taxi in Paris

While it is typically important to only use taxis that have a red and white “Taxi Parisien” sign atop the car, some of this company’s fleet will not have such signs. Thanks to the option to hire a private car with a chauffeur, cars that are not for hourly hire will not have the standard sign. Among the fleet for hire are a white 16-passenger Cadillac Escalade, a black Lincoln Navigator, a black or white Expedition, black or white Excursions, and black and white Lincoln Town Cars. Taxi in Paris also offers 24-7 customer service, as well as free flight monitoring to ensure your car is ready and waiting as soon as your flight lands.
Andy’s Notes :

Keep in mind that cash is preferred for shorter rides while major credit cards are better for longer rides. Always ask the driver what forms of payment are acceptable before hopping into a taxi. Call ahead for larger groups with three or more passengers.


Like many destinations that have Uber, cars can be called from any arrondissement within Paris. All types of cars are available from personal rides to group rides to luxury or business rides. Using the Uber app on your phone, it is quite easy to call rides and move around the city without hailing a taxi or scheduling a transfer.
Andy’s Notes :

To avoid surcharges and higher fares during peak hours or after major events, schedule your Uber ride in advance.

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