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G7 Taxis

G7 Taxis is one of the largest taxi companies in Paris with thousands of drivers. For this reason, customers will find a wide variety of cars in the fleet, but all are well-maintained and clean. Customers can book both online or by calling for a taxi, which provides flexibility and convenience. Drivers are professional and generally speak English. This taxi service is a good option for those out past 1 a.m. when public transportation generally stops because cars can be called directly to your location, even at the late hour. 

Andy’s Notes :

There has been some trouble with payment through the G7 app, so avoid downloading it. Instead, call and pay your driver in cash, which is generally preferred by Parisian taxi drivers. 

Smartway Taxi Moto

Smartway Taxi Moto is an excellent service for those who need to quickly move through the city. The service’s fleet is actually made up of motorcycles, which allow drivers to bypass much of the city’s traffic. Drivers are highly attuned to the city and can easily maneuver to the desired location, even if customers are not fully aware of the best drop-off location. While this service might not be best before a business meeting, it is a different way to see the city while transferring unencumbered. Furthermore, motorcycle taxi service typically costs less than traditional taxis.

Andy’s Notes :

Apart from transfers in Paris, Smartway Taxi Moto also provides quick transfers between airports and train stations. It is also possible to book transfers to further destinations outside of the city, such as Disneyland. Guests can contact the company to organize a customized itinerary as well.  

Taxi Paris

Time : Open 24 Hours, Monday through Sunday

Taxi Paris is something of an epicenter for taxis in the city. The resource connects customers with the city’s 20,000 taxi drivers by providing a link to a list of taxi ranks, or taxi stands. While customers can call a taxi to their location, this allows customers to also simply walk to the nearest stand to take the first available taxi along the curb. Keep in mind it is illegal for taxi drivers to pick up customers within 50 meters of a stand. So, if you are close to a taxi rank, you should wait in line to take the first taxi. Customers who wish to arrange a ride in advance can use the online reservation form too.
Andy’s Notes :

All taxi drivers through this resource are full-time, professional drivers. Each is regulated by the Paris Police Department and must pass two exams after months of taxi driver school. This option is very safe, if not the most luxurious. 

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